What to do if you think you have symptoms

What to do if you think you are experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

  • Stay inside, all of those experiencing coronavirus symptoms must self-isolate for seven days and those living with them must self-isolate for fourteen days.

  • Do not physically go to a GPs surgery, pharmacy or hospital but if you are experiencing symptoms of breathlessness, drowsiness, prolonged fever or anything else you cannot manage at home it is right and appropriate to seek medical care.

  • If you can, visit https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19/ and take their online test (if the patient is under 5 call NHS 111 immediately.) You can also visit the website of your GP surgery as they may be able to advise you.

  • In a situation where you are unable to get help online call NHS 111. In an emergency or life-threatening situation call 999.

Always call 999 if you have:

  • signs of a heart attack - pain like a very tight band, heavy weight or squeezing in the centre of your chest

  • signs of a stroke - face drooping on one side, can’t hold both arms up, difficulty speaking

  • severe difficulty breathing - gasping, not being able to get words out, choking or lips turning blue

  • heavy bleeding - that won’t stop

  • severe injuries - or deep cuts after a serious accident

  • seizure (fit) - someone is shaking or jerking because of a fit, or is unconscious (can’t be woken up)

  • sudden, rapid swelling - of the eyes, lips, mouth, throat or tongue

Swanage Community Coronavirus Response cannot give you medical support but if you are experiencing symptoms and would like to flag that to one of our volunteers or our district coordinators it will allow us to check in with you more frequently and to take all appropriate precautions when we do.

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