Swanage Neighbours


Swanage Neighbours is a neighbourhood network, coordinating the Swanage Community Coronavirus Response group, that’s been formed to share information and support each other during the coronavirus pandemic. 


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The latest coronavirus data for Dorset from Public Health England - Read more



Staying informed is a good way to protect ourselves from coronavirus. As a group we are doing lots of practical things to help our neighbours during this pandemic, as well as keeping across the latest medical and scientific information, as new discoveries are made about coronavirus.


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Our network of district and road coordinators are helping to do shopping, pick up prescriptions and run errands. Our social volunteers are able to call anyone for a friendly chat. To help them we are developing a pack of general information to support them.


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Thank you to all our volunteers and for the great feedback that we’ve received

“Many thanks to you all for everything you are doing. It is greatly appreciated and we are so fortunate to live in such a caring community. Stay safe!"

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